California Gov.’s ‘Open Door Policy’ Just Backfired In An Extremely Personal Way

California Gov. Jerry Brown has made it no secret how much he dislikes President Donald Trump, as he’s continued to embrace illegal aliens in his state as part of the “resistance” to the president. But after declaring an “open door policy” for illegal aliens coming into Sacramento, his approach backfired in an extremely personal way after a homeless made decided to make himself at home inside the governor’s mansion.

“A homeless man, who was arrested last month after breaking into California Gov. Jerry Brown’s home in Sacramento, reportedly said he only tried entering the mansion because he figured the sanctuary state politician was ‘an open-door policy kind of guy,’” Fox News reported.

“He’s an open-door policy kind of guy, so I figured the door would be unlocked, or else I wouldn’t have ran over there if I thought the door would be locked,” Steven Seeley told KCRA.

“I was looking for the security staff, but I didn’t see anybody,” he told the paper. “I thought the governor was in trouble. I thought he was in danger of being attacked by the wild animals, so I walked in. I yelled ‘Jerry!’”

Seeley claimed he heard what sounded like a large cat roaring nearby and decided to investigate.

“He said he saw wild animals, possibly lions or cougars, on the streets of midtown Sacramento and walked in through the front door of the home to alert Brown’s security detail because he knew they had ‘big guns,’” The Sacramento Bee reported. “He said he wanted to prevent the governor from being attacked.”

Once inside the mansion, the homeless man said that he hid in a closet after hearing the growling again, then fled the house by jumping out a window into the fenced-in yard. He was taken by a good Samaritan to a local hospital, where he was later arrested by police for trespassing “on the executive residence property, breaking a side window on the first floor of the residence.”

“Wounded, with blood spilling from his arm, he said he walked into the street and sought help,” The Sacramento Bee reported. “He said he asked multiple passers-by for help calling 911 when after a few minutes, a couple pulled over and drove him to the hospital. He said he underwent surgery and was arrested at the hospital. Records show he was booked two days later, April 21, on multiple charges, including unauthorized entry and violating probation.”

The California Highway Patrol arrested the 51-year-old man on April 19 after he was treated at a local hospital, charging him with felony vandalism and a probation violation.

CHP spokeswoman Fran Clader told the Associated Press that California first lady Anne Gust Brown was upstairs, but the governor was not home at the time. She didn’t have any contact with Seeley, according to Clader.

“The first lady was on an upper floor of the residence when the incident occurred and had no contact with the subject,” Clader said in a statement. “No force was used or required by officers during this incident, and the subject was unarmed.”

Despite the “robust onsite security presence at the residence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” that Clader quipped about in her statement to the press, the homeless man was still able to get inside the mansion.

Twitter users were quick to point out the irony of the entire situation, with some inquiring if the governor was willing to “practice what he preaches.”

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