OFF LIMITS: Top Democrat Says Any GOP CRITICISM of Nancy Pelosi is ‘SEXIST’

The Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus refused to answer questions surrounding the political future of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Wednesday; saying any GOP criticism of the former Speaker was simply “sexist.”  sexist  sexist

Rep. Joe Crowley was speaking with reporters during a weekly press briefing when he was asked to comment on Pennsylvania Democrat Conor Lamb’s recent calls for Pelosi to step down.

“This election was not about Nancy Pelosi,” said Crowley. “Conor Lamb really localized the issue.”  sexist  sexist

“The attempt to nationalize it by the Republicans; they need to get a new game book,” he added. “The attempts to use Nancy Pelosi, it’s failing them at this point.”

“And I think quite frankly it’s sexist,” said the New York Congressman. “So, they need to move on from that.”

Watch the liberal legislator’s comments below.

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h/t Washington Free Beacon